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My name is Kamela Smith and I am exploring a run to be your next Democratic representative for the 15th District.

About Me

My name is Kamela Smith, but you can call me Kam! 


I’m a wife, a mother, a member of a blended family, and a woman of faith. 

I have spent my career focused on keeping the community and individuals safe in a variety of ways. This became imperative to me due to my personal exposure to mental health and emotional wellness. I remember feeling helpless not having the tools to support my loved one at the time when support was needed but, having experienced that I feel that I have learned how important investing the right resources into mental health services truly is.

My Vision

Youth and Education

Address youth unemployment, increase youth access to politics, and equitable education

Mental Health

Improving overall access to health care with a Medicaid Buy-In and de-stigmatizing mental health care and therapy

Good Government

Reducing corruption and increasing responsiveness and efficiency of local government

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